About me

I am a final-year Machine Learning Ph.D. student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), advised by Prof. Han Zhao and Prof. Bo Li. Previously, I obtained my B.S. in 2019 from UIUC with double majors in (1) Physics, (2) Statistics & Computer Science.

My research interests include multi-task learning, out-of-distribution (OOD) generalization, domain adaptation and meta-learning.

Lately, I have been working with foundation models (e.g., large language models and vision-language models), improving their reliability and efficiency. Stay tuned for this series of works! (Will release three papers in Oct 2023)

Besides, I have adapted transformers to solve quantum computing problems in Amazon (Paper).

I will graduate in summer 2024 and I am looking for full-time AI research scientist jobs in the industry!

[Curriculum Vitae]


  • [Jan 2023] Will work at Apple AI/ML as a research intern in summer 2023!
  • [Nov 2022] My first quantum computing paper is public! [arXiv, Code]
  • [Oct 2022] Honored to be selected as a top reviewer (8%) of NeurIPS 2022!
  • [Jun 2022] Received a gift award from Unitary Fund for a quantum software project!
  • [May 2022] Have two papers accepted by ICML 2022 and one paper accepted by UAI 2022! [Publications]
  • [Apr 2022] Honored to be selected as one of the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) for the 2022-2023 academic year!
  • [Mar 2022] Have one paper accepted by CVPR 2022! [arXiv, code]
  • [Feb 2022] Will work at Amazon Braket (a quantum computing team) as an applied scientist intern in summer 2022!
  • [May 2021] Have one paper accepted by ICML 2021! [arXiv, code]
  • [Jan 2021] Will work at Waymo (formerly the Google self-driving car project) as a research intern in summer 2021!
  • [Oct 2020] Glad to be a reviewer for AAAI 2021, AISTATS 2021 and CVPR 2021!